Da-fashionguide Clothing Canon TS3122 F2 lens review

Canon TS3122 F2 lens review

Canon TS-3122 is a new F2/2.8 lens that uses the same optical design as the TS-E3, but with the F2 aperture.

This is a fast aperture lens with excellent contrast performance, and its f/2 aperture provides a wide aperture with a fast focusing speed.

Canon has said that the lens will be available in two different sizes, but I am not sure what this means for their plans.

I have not seen any information on the lens itself, but my guess is that the TS3121 will be a Canon EF F2.5 lens.

This means that Canon will sell the TS 3121 F2 for around £7,500, while the TS 6321 F2 will sell for around $8,000.

There are also rumors that the new F1.4 aperture lens will also be available for around the same price.

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