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Canon pro 100: Best camera for video editing

Canon pro-100: Best video editing camera for the price.

Pros: Built-in WiFi, 16MP rear camera, dual-LED flash Pros: Video editing software, video editing settings Cons: Small size and battery life Pros: Easy to use, good image quality, high ISO, fast auto focus, easy ISO adjustments Cons: Limited range, limited image quality Pros: High-quality video, great video compression, large pixel count, fast video codec, great image quality for movies, slow shutter speed, easy to set-up Cons: Battery life is slow Pros: Low price, high image quality Cons: The Canon pro100 is available in only one model, the Pro100S.

Pros and cons: Pros: Small, lightweight, powerful, versatile Cons: None.

Pros-in-waiting: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, Panasonic, Pentium Pros: Best quality, image quality-high ISO-slow shutter speed-high contrast-low noise-low image quality with wide dynamic range-good video codec Cons: Very low battery life-small size and weight-very slow image stabilization-poor video compression-limited range-low video quality-low battery life