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What to expect from Apple’s new ‘smart home’ home device

Posted October 12, 2018 15:11:54 Apple has unveiled the first glimpse at its ‘smart’ home product, the Apple HomePod, as the tech giant revealed a new device to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show.

The Apple Homepod is a portable speaker that plugs into a wall outlet and plays music from the Apple TV and Beats Music.

The product is set to be released on the Apple App Store in the coming months.

It’s designed to work with all the latest Apple products including the iPhone X, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro, Apple’s website said.

It also boasts a range of other useful functions such as remote control and weather forecasting, the website said, citing a product listing.

The HomePod will be available on Amazon in the United States starting October 15, and will be launched in Canada, Mexico and Australia.