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Why Canon Camera Lenses Should Be Called Canon Cameras

Canon’s cameras have been in the spotlight over the past couple of years, with both the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/4L IS II lens making the rounds.

Now, the company has confirmed a brand new Canon Lens lineup that will be released next year.

The Canon Lens Camera Collection will debut in early 2017.

The new Canon Canon Lens Cameras are:The Canon 18-55mm f2.8L II USM Lens, which is expected to be a full-frame mirrorless lens with an APS-C sized sensor.

The 18-50mm f3.5-5.6L II is a mirrorless version of the 18-35mm f4L IIUSM Lens.

The Canon 20-55.4mm f5.0L II, which was the first Canon lens to hit US market and has been sold since 2017.

The lens features a 24mm f1.8 aperture and a 50mm f8.3 lens element ratio.

The 20-35 mm f2L IS USM is a 50-200mm f9.0-13.7 II US-M lens.

The 20-70mm f0.95L II lens features an f/2.2 aperture and is a fully manual lens.

The 35mm f6.3L IS is an APD-compliant lens, and the 70-200 mm f1-4.5 IS is a wide angle lens.

All three lenses will be sold in their full-sized versions for $849.99.

The 55-300mm f7.8 USM, a full frame mirrorless model of the Canon 50-150mm f11.0 IS US-MF lens, which features a wide, f/11 aperture.

The 55-200 f3L is a zoom lens, the 70mm f10.6 IS is for landscape and portrait use, and 200mm f12 is for astrophotography.

All lenses are available in a 64GB version.

The 70-300 f2-8L USM zoom lens features the same f/1.4 aperture as the Canon 55-150.

The 60-300 mm f5-6.5 USM has a wider, f-stop range of f/8 to f/22.

The 65-300 (35-150) f4 L USM and 70-400 f4.0 L US M are zoom lenses with a wider aperture.

The 80-400mm f22.8-4L US M and 85-400 (35) f2 USM are also full frame zoom lenses, and will be available in their 16GB versions for a $839.99 retail price.

The 70-500mm f18-135 USM lens is also available in its 64GB format, and is available in both a 32GB and a 64 GB version.