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Canon vs Nikon for mirrorless cameras

Canon has announced that it will introduce a new mirrorless camera that uses the same image sensor as the G7020 but will be equipped with a new lens.

Canon will introduce the Nikons new 55mm f/1.8 lens at a launch event on Friday.

The camera will have a 1.9x zoom ratio, Canon said.

“We’re going to introduce a mirrorless system that uses a brand new 55 mm f/2.8 zoom lens,” Canon’s product manager said in a statement.

“The new lens is optimized for image stabilization.

It delivers fast image stabilization that can be applied quickly in post-processing.

The new lens has the ability to change focal lengths up to 55mm.

This lens is not only a lens, it is a complete sensor system.”

Canon announced a slew of new cameras earlier this year, including a 55mm digital SLR camera and a 45mm digital camera.

Both of these cameras are designed to replace older digital cameras.

Canon is also planning to release a new digital camera in 2019, and Canon is working on a 50mm digital mirrorless that will be the successor to the G7.

Canon said that the new camera is not just a lens and will have the ability “to change focal length up to 50mm.”

Canon’s G7030 camera is also a new 35mm digital sensor camera.

Canon G7040 camera is a 35mm mirrorless lens that will have an aperture of f/4, an aperture ring, a zoom ring and a depth of field sensor.

Canon announced earlier this month that it would introduce a line of new Canon mirrorless DSLRs.

Canon’s new mirrorLESS line will include the G30, G30A, G50, G70, G80 and G90 cameras.

It also has a new line of mirrorless digital SLRs.

“When you look at the new mirror series, you see a new sensor, a new imaging engine and a new camera design that makes a new kind of camera that is unique and exciting,” Canon product manager Kevin Oster said in an announcement.

“These new cameras are based on Canon’s Image Stabilization Technology that we have demonstrated with the G10, G10A and G20 cameras.

And these cameras will all be powered by Canon’s innovative technology with Canon EF-S lenses and Canon EF mount.

The Canon G50 will have its first camera on the market that supports Canon EF lenses and will be launched in spring 2019.

The G70 will be announced at the start of 2019, with a lens design that is optimized to take advantage of the wide field of view Canon lenses offer.”

Canon said the G50 is equipped with three new lenses, the G20, G20A and the G80.

The lenses are built on Canon EF 16-35mm and EF 24-70mm lenses.

The lens elements are constructed from aluminum, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

The main lens assembly is made from aluminum alloy with titanium inserts for the focal plane.

Canon EF mounts include the EF 50mm and Canon 50mm f2.4 Lenses.

Canon also announced a new Canon Mirrorless DSLR for 2019 called the G40.

Canon says the G90 will have three lenses: a 50-200mm f4L lens, a 100-300mm f5.6L lens and a 200mm f8L lens.