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Canon Rebel: Battery Charger

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Microsoft has announced that it will launch its new Surface Pro with Windows10 Pro in a series of two new models, the Canon Rebel and the Canon G7x.

The company said that the first two devices will be available in April 2018, while the G7X will be launched in July.

It’s not clear when the new Surface Pros will be released, but it seems likely that they’ll launch in the coming months.

The new Surface products will also support Windows 10, and Microsoft will be able to support all of the new operating systems as well.

The Surface Pro 5, which is expected to be unveiled at an event later this month, is the first new Surface product to support the new features.

Microsoft said that its next two products will be “built for Windows 10.”

That means the company is likely to release two new Windows 10 devices later this year, and the first of them will be a Surface Pro 6.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the new hardware.