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How to save your life when you have an illness

You may have seen a message on your smartphone that reads “Save your life.”

That’s because in Canada, it’s not always possible to save the life of someone you love.

You can’t save someone’s life if you’re ill, even if you have the flu or are experiencing an emergency.

But that’s not the case with some illnesses that can be prevented with the right precautions.

Read more: What you need to know about the flu and the flu vaccine If you’re having an illness that’s causing symptoms that aren’t helping you or causing you to have serious problems, you should talk to your doctor about options to try to save yourself.

Here’s how to get help if you’ve been diagnosed with a flu or other infectious disease.

The best ways to treat the flu The best way to prevent a flu outbreak is to make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to prevent it, including avoiding close contact and staying home.

Here are some of the best ways you can prevent the spread of the flu: Keep your symptoms to yourself.

While you’re feeling better, don’t tell anyone that you’ve had a flu.

If you do, the virus may get out of control and spread to other people.