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Why you should never eat a banana

If you want to avoid an infection or a bad reaction to your next vaccination, here are a few reasons why you should eat a fruit or vegetable instead.


You can be sure it’s safe.

Although you might not be able to smell it or taste it, it is still there.

There’s no bacteria in banana flesh or in the seeds.

It’s the same way for most other food.


It has fewer health risks than bananas.

There are no studies on its effects on the body or on the environment, and it’s not a high-fat or high-calorie food.

In fact, the banana is quite low in fat.

It is not a healthy choice.


It tastes better than other foods.

It may not taste as good as your favorite baked goods or fruit juice, but it tastes better.

It also tastes better for you, since it contains fewer calories and fat.


It won’t make you fat.

Banana is a very low-caloric food, so it’s easy to eat a little less than usual, and there’s less of it in the banana itself.

There may be a little bit of extra fat in the fruit itself, but that’s small and insignificant compared to the other things you eat in your day.


It keeps the body warm and nourished.

There is some evidence that eating a banana or two each day can help regulate blood sugar and regulate the body’s body temperature.


You won’t get sick.

There have been many reports of banana-related illness and death, and most people who are not overweight have not gotten sick.

Most people who get sick, however, will not survive.

That’s because eating too much fruit can cause stomach discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal symptoms, which can make it difficult to pass the banana’s watery liquid along to your intestines.

So, if you eat too much of it, you’re probably not getting sick.


It will make you feel full.

The sugar in the bananas and the fruit’s sweetness can help to help you to feel full and satisfied.

The banana contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


It’ll make you happy.

Because the banana has been used in many cultures for centuries, it has a long history of being used as a sweetener in many foods, including chocolate, yogurt, and coffee.

Some fruits and vegetables contain other ingredients, too.

But banana has the best balance of sweetness and fiber, with about half the sugar and only about 20 percent of the fat as most other foods and beverages.


You’ll feel better after eating it.

If you’ve eaten something sweet like a banana, the taste will not change as much as if you ate a little more of the fruit, but there will be a noticeable difference in how your body feels.

It might even feel better.

And, it won’t hurt as much if you don’t eat any bananas in the first place.


You will lose weight.

Studies have shown that eating bananas helps your body to lose weight, and they’re also good for your waistline.

You may even feel like you’ve lost weight if you cut back on your food.


You get a boost of energy.

Studies show that eating banana helps to help with mental and physical energy, as well as energy for muscle contraction.

And studies show that a banana also boosts your immune system.


It makes you feel healthier.

The fat in bananas and other fruit is a great source of antioxidants and vitamins, which make you more likely to live longer.


It can help with a cold.

Banana has a special place in the digestive system because it’s a high fat food.

This helps to lower the risk of colds, and also helps to reduce the inflammation in the body.


It reduces the risk for cancer.

Banana may help to reduce some of the cancers that can develop in older people.


It helps you lose weight faster.

Banana helps to keep the body in balance, so you’ll be able get the nutrition and the energy you need more quickly.

And if you’re worried about obesity, you can also eat bananas instead of sugary or fatty foods.

The best part about bananas is that they are so low in calories and so nutritious, so if you do eat them, you won’t be hungry.