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What you need to know about the new Canon 6D Canon logo

We don’t need to explain the new logo, because we know it is awesome.

Canon has created a brand new logo that is designed to represent the new and improved Canon 6Ds series of cameras.

It is the first time we’ve seen the new design in the Canon product range and the new font is beautiful, the new icon is striking and it feels like the camera itself is a lot smaller and lighter.

We know that the new branding is not without some controversy, but we’re going to let it go.

The 6D is a great camera, and we think it is the perfect addition to the line-up of Canon cameras.

What we know so farWe know what the new 6D logo looks like:The new Canon logo has the same black and white design as the older 6D, but with a red lettering.

It also features an arrow through the centre of the logo, which was a tradition introduced with the original 6D.

The new logo has three dots (the vertical stripes) which symbolise the three Canon models: the Canon 5D Mark III, the Canon 6DS, and the Canon 10D.

All three models feature a 4K sensor and a 1.8x zoom, so the new badge is a bit of a departure from the old design.

We also know that there are new accessories on the way.

Canon is launching a range of new accessories including an HDMI cable for the camera and HDMI-out adapter for the video output.

It’s not clear when the new accessories will launch, but if they are as good as the previous versions of the Canon accessories, then we’re looking at an incredibly good value for money.

We’ve seen other brand new logos from Canon over the years, and if the new one is any indication, it should be a very successful one.

If you’re looking for a new Canon camera, be sure to check out the Canon website for the latest news, deals, and deals.