Da-fashionguide Accessories Watch out for Canon’s $1,000 Android tablet: The new Canon M100

Watch out for Canon’s $1,000 Android tablet: The new Canon M100

Watch a new trailer for the Canon M 100, a $1.99 Android tablet that can run any Windows 10 operating system.

The M100 comes in at 4.7mm thick and weighs just over 2 pounds.

The tablet is compatible with the Canon EOS-1D X DSLR camera with 16MP.

Canon says it will be available at retailers on March 13.

The M100 is available for $999 at Amazon.com and is expected to ship in the third quarter of this year.

The $1 price tag is a bit steep for the tablet, however, as Canon’s Android tablet offers a similar camera package for $499.

That price is a tad more than the $899 tablet from Canon.

It should be noted that the M100 only has two USB ports, two microSD cards, and a microSD card reader.

There are no Thunderbolt 3 ports on the tablet.

The screen is 13.3-inches, which is larger than the 13-inch tablet from Sony, but smaller than the 15.6-inch iPad.

The Canon M101 comes in black or white and has a similar price tag.

The device runs Windows 10, but the M101 doesn’t have the Sony EOS sensor.

Canon claims it will have a 4K resolution display.

The new camera package will be compatible with Canon Eos 1D X cameras with 16-megapixel sensors, and with Canon’s “EOS X Series” lenses.

It will also support the Sony FS100, which has a 16-camera sensor.

It comes in a black or silver color, and the price is $999.

The company says that it has shipped over 3 million units of its new tablet.

In addition to its $1 billion acquisition of Canon in 2016, Canon announced a $2.9 billion deal with Amazon earlier this year to buy the company’s camera business.

Canon’s parent company, which owns the EOS camera division, is also rumored to be buying up some of the rest of the camera camera businesses.

The Canon camera business has been a good part of Canon’s business since the days of its first DSLR cameras.

Canon also made its own cameras back in 1999, which are still on Canon’s camera line, and its camera camera division is also the largest in the camera market today.