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Canon to offer $1,500 credit for $2,000 digital camera

By Paul Canon,Associated PressBy Paul CanonAUSTRALIA’S largest maker of cameras and lenses has unveiled plans to offer a $1-million credit for anyone with a Canon digital camera with a minimum of $10,000 in digital purchases.

The offer is the latest move by Canon to try to lure away some of the more sophisticated, more sophisticated consumers who may not be as comfortable with expensive digital cameras.

“It’s about offering the right value,” said Canon senior vice president of digital imaging Andrew Henshaw, adding that the offer will be available on Canon’s website and through a phone call to 1-800-828-7768.

“We want to offer it to people who are buying a Canon product for the first time and are going to need to upgrade.”

The offer will not apply to digital cameras sold through third-party resellers.

It also won’t apply to Canon’s new flagship DSLR, the $2.5 million EF 50mm f/1.4L USM.

The Canon Digital Imaging Center is located in Sydney, Australia.

Canon says the offer applies to Canon products with a camera and lens that cost $10 million or more, but the offer does not apply only to the new EF 50L.

The company says it will give customers with a budget of $1 million or less the option of receiving a credit of $500 for $1 in digital goods and services.

The new offer is only available to those with a pre-paid credit card, which Canon says will expire in six months.

The offer is subject to Canon approval.

The $1m credit will be offered in the form of a $2 million credit card.

It is not tied to a specific Canon product.

The credit will also be available to customers who have purchased Canon products before, but do not have a prepaid credit or a Canon account.

The $2m credit is limited to purchases made between March 15 and June 30, 2019, and eligible for $500 cash or credit card reimbursement, according to Canon.

To apply, customers will need to send an email to Canon digital [email protected] and fill out a form.

They can also contact Canon [email protected]

In the past, Canon has offered digital credit cards to people with no digital camera purchases.

The company has also offered similar credit cards for photographers who purchase a Canon DSLR with the EF 50 lens and Canon 50mm digital camera, but that offer was later terminated after backlash from consumers.

The current offer is limited and the company says consumers can only receive up to $500 per card.

For Canon, the latest digital offering marks the first such offer since it expanded its offering in 2014 to include other digital products, including its $2-million EF 50-200mm f2.8L USm and EF 50l camera, which it began selling last year.

It’s also the first major new offering from Canon in more than a decade.

The focus on offering more affordable digital cameras has been on the part of Canon CEO Scott Wilson since the company was acquired by eBay in 2016.

In April, Wilson announced the company would start selling digital cameras in stores and online starting in November.

The introduction of the new $1M digital credit is a significant expansion in the company’s efforts to get people to embrace its digital offerings.

Canon last year introduced a $3 million digital camera card to help people save on the cost of owning a digital camera.

The card, called the Canon Digital Image Card, can be used for $15 in purchases, $10 of which will be credited to a credit card and the remainder to a cardholder’s personal checking or savings account.

Last month, Canon announced it was selling a $500 credit card to enable people to spend up to 10% of their disposable income on digital purchases and to purchase digital cameras from a single retailer.

The latest Canon offer follows an announcement last year that it would begin selling Canon cameras at $2 per camera and a similar offer in 2017.

The news came just as Canon announced its new flagship camera, the EF 1.4X, which is expected to be released in 2018.