Da-fashionguide Men ‘The Great Game’: The Hindu’s new ‘The Game’ column

‘The Great Game’: The Hindu’s new ‘The Game’ column

5.22 pm IST The Hindu has launched a new column called The Great Game, which will feature interviews with the key personalities behind Indian cricket.

The column is based on an initiative initiated by the Hindu and the Times Now channel.

The two channels have partnered to host The Great Games, which feature interviews on the history, culture, and identity of the Indian game.

The two channels, which together have more than 100 million subscribers, have launched the column as a response to the “misery, hate and anger” that they believe is being directed at them by their respective audiences.

The columns will feature the personalities behind the Indian cricket team, which has gone through several series in recent times.

The personalities include Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar, and Sachin Tendulkar, among others.

Hindu founder, editor-in-chief, and CEO Nirmala Sitharaman has been a long-time critic of the current Indian cricket system and is no stranger to controversies, especially when it comes to the fielding of foreign players.

He is one of the most vocal critics of Indian players who have played for foreign teams.

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Sitharamaiah said, “I don’t know why I have to be bothered about this.

It is not my business.”

The column will feature five of the five Indian captains of the past five years – Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Sachin Tiwari and Ashwin – as well as two former Indian captains, Rajesh Kumar and Sachitra Yadav.

The Indian team was eliminated in the last four ODI series by Pakistan in Lahore last year.

Briefly, the column will cover the “franchises, styles, traditions, players, history and culture” of the three major international teams, while focusing on the “development, evolution and growth of Indian cricket”.

The column will be a joint venture between Times Now, The Hindu and Indias Media Group (IMG), which has partnered with the Hindu to produce the column.

“The Great Games” will also be a new joint venture, as it is not part of a previous joint venture.

This means that Times Now and IMG are jointly producing The Great Gaming.

The column is scheduled to be released on July 31.