Da-fashionguide Women Canon’s Mx92 X2 gets a new sensor with 2x optical image stabilization for the new SX740 model

Canon’s Mx92 X2 gets a new sensor with 2x optical image stabilization for the new SX740 model

The Canon PowerShot SX940 is Canon’s newest entry-level DSLR, but there’s no denying that the camera is one of the best in its class.

In the world of video, it offers great sensor performance and an excellent camera experience, and it’s well worth the $1,100 price tag.

But if you want to go all-in with a more premium, more versatile camera, you should look at the Canon PowerSonic SX740.

The new SIX740 comes with a 16MP CMOS sensor, 4K video capture, and a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 70mm, a number that’s actually a tad smaller than the SIX920’s 50mm.

It also has an optional Canon PowerShift Plus technology that offers image stabilization and image stabilization plus phase detection autofocus for up to five seconds.

Canon also says the SX840 model will have a similar system, which should give it a little bit more speed and accuracy compared to the S910 and S950 models.

So far, Canon has not confirmed whether or not the new model will also offer phase detection AF, but that’s something we’ll be watching closely to see if Canon decides to introduce the feature in the future.

There’s also a new 8MP sensor on the SXL740, which is just as good as the new X2 sensor in the S900 series.

The SXL730 comes with the same Canon PowerSurge Plus sensor, with 4K capture and a focal range of 80mm.

You can pick the SXi740 up for $1.3500 or $1 (around $500).

Canon has also updated the S935 series with a new camera that should be able to keep up with the S90, S90X, and S90D cameras, including the upcoming S90S.

It comes with an 8MP CMOC sensor, 1080p video capture and the Canon SX910 image stabilization, plus a lens with focal length between 85mm and 135mm, and both a shutter speed of 1/4000s.

The camera will also include Canon PowerSense technology, which lets it record video with a maximum dynamic range of 1.75x that’s equivalent to 4K recording.

There are no other major new features in the camera’s package.

You’ll still get the Canon XTi2 sensor, but it has a 1.7x sensor, a 1080p camera, and has a shutter rate of 1:8.

The XTi5 comes with 2GB of RAM and a 5MP CMOL sensor, and the XTi6 and XTi7 models have 8GB of memory and a 12MP CMO sensor, respectively.

There also are two other Canon cameras, the X10 and X20, but they aren’t available for preorder right now.