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The latest episode of The Bionic Woman from Starz!

Posted September 23, 2018 09:06:03Tasmania and Australia have announced that Starz will be re-opening its production of The Last Witch Hunter in Australia, with the title currently airing on Channel 7 in both the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

“The Bionic Women is a show about women fighting for the right to be who they want to be,” Starz said in a statement.

“The women in this show are not just women, they are women of colour, women with disabilities and women who are trans women. 

As we begin to move into 2019, it’s important to reaffirm that StarZ is committed to the representation of women in our community.” 

The announcement comes on the same day Starz announced the cancellation of its upcoming original series The Bizarro World, and it comes after Starz and the makers of The Defenders both announced they will be exiting The Last of Us series.

The Last Witch Hunters has been a long time coming for the Australian network, with it originally airing in the UK, in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Brunswick in the early 2000s. 

However, Starz has been forced to adapt the story into Australian TV with the series being re-produced by Starz’s parent company, Warner Bros. The final episode will be released on September 28. 

 Source: Starz Facebook | Twitter