Da-fashionguide Men What Canon’s future holds for the Galaxy S line?

What Canon’s future holds for the Galaxy S line?

The Canon PIXMA line, launched in the UK and the US in 2017, was supposed to take the world by storm, but has now failed to hit the mark.

Canon has confirmed to Newsweek that the PIXMAS series will no longer be supported by the company, with the Pixma line ending up with just a few phones, and the rest going into the hands of a few resellers.

“We are deeply sorry to announce that we will not be renewing the PILots and PIXma series in 2018,” Canon said in a statement.

“We want to thank all the people who made PIXMINIS the best in the industry.”

The PIXMAX series was the best selling of the three.

In the UK, the company has already announced plans to sell a range of PIXMAS phones in 2018.

“All PIXmas phones will continue to be available to order,” the company said in its announcement.

The company will also offer PIXMARAS in the US.

The PIXSTAR line, announced in the same statement, was meant to be a new direction for Canon.

It’s still unclear what the company plans to do with it, but it was meant as a new flagship, a departure from the more typical line of PILOT phones.

The final line of the PIONIC series, announced back in 2019, was going to be based on the Pion series, but was cancelled, and Canon now only has a handful of PIONEX phones in its inventory.