Da-fashionguide Clothing Canon has the first mobile device to get a new lens: Canon Camera X490

Canon has the first mobile device to get a new lens: Canon Camera X490

Canon, the maker of Canon cameras, has released a new mobile camera, the Canon X490, that’s designed to be used on the go.

It’s the company’s first full-featured camera to be built for a smartphone, which is a departure from Canon’s traditional “mobile camera” strategy.

The Canon X590, which launched last week, is Canon’s first entry into the smartphone market and is aimed at photographers looking for an affordable smartphone camera that can handle shooting at a variety of shooting angles.

Canon says it has over 40 million units shipped worldwide, and it’s the only manufacturer to have a full-time mobile camera team.

Canon’s mobile cameras have typically been made for iPhones, and Canon is hoping to make an entry into that market with the X490.

The X490 will be the first smartphone camera to get the new lens design that Canon says is used on its Canon X series of digital cameras.

The X490 comes with the same 18-55mm f/2.8L lens that Canon has been making for the X series since the introduction of the X1.

Canon also claims it’s faster and more compact than the Canon EOS 70D, which has a larger 35mm equivalent focal length of 28mm.

The new Canon X 490 comes in three color options: Black, Chrome, and Pink.

The Canon X480 is the same lens that was released in 2016 with a similar price point as the X 490.

The new X490 uses a new design, called the Canon Touch Lens, which uses a fingerprint sensor and a camera built-in touch screen to recognize user input.

The camera’s camera app has been redesigned to use a circular “circle” layout for quick navigation between shots.

The touch screen also has a quick-access menu for quick settings like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

The “Touch Lens” uses a camera sensor that Canon calls a “fingerprint sensor.”

Canon has a fingerprint scanner on the bottom of the camera.

Canon claims that it can detect a finger’s pressure, so the camera will record images of a person’s face and other sensitive areas without a fingerprint.

Canon has not yet announced pricing or availability.

The touch-based “Touch” sensor has a built-up layer of ink on the lens that lets it track the user’s finger’s grip on the sensor.

The sensor is also covered in a layer of a chemical compound that absorbs the ink’s light.

Canon hasn’t announced pricing for the “Touch-Lens.”

A second new lens feature in the X492 is a “low-light mode.”

Canon says the new X492 has a maximum ISO of 800 to 1600, but it can be adjusted to 1,000 or 2,000 for a more compact and lighter camera.

The company also said the X491 camera will be able to record at 30fps, while the X494 will be capable of recording at 30 fps.

The company says it will make a “major update” to the camera app for the new camera, but has yet to provide any details.

The announcement of the new Canon mobile cameras comes as Canon has faced some criticism for the company-made X series cameras.

Canon is known for making low-quality cameras and its “mixed-use” camera line, the X5 series, has been criticized by critics for being more expensive than Canon’s “classic” line of cameras.

However, Canon is making a push to introduce a wider range of camera products.

The introduction of Canon’s new mobile cameras will help Canon make more money for the cameras and the company hopes that the camera makers’ support will help the company stay relevant in the smartphone camera market.